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Flower Arrangements

A boutique hotel that allows you to immerse yourself in the best of Porto

Casa Cedo is an elevated boutique hotel that takes a unique approach to helping guests experience the very best of Porto.


We achieve this by crafting bespoke itineraries for our guests based on their personal preferences and hosting exclusive in-house events that bring the beauty of the city directly into Casa Cedo.

3d stairs to terrace
Back and workshop access
BAck garden and external kitchen
Dome and glass corridor
project front 3d
Top floor and dome section

We are renovating the beautiful town house in Rua De Cedofeita 334-338 in Porto to the old original splendour. The concept is based on sustainability, conservation to benefit locals, visitors and the planet. The project includes 9 rooms, a shop and an art and cooking workshop in the back garden 

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