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While the exact year of construction is unknown, it was certainly before 1813. the main building takes the form of a narrow and long plot, typical of Porto.  It consists of three floors, together with a garden connecting the main building to a second building, a one story workshop, built in the 1920s as a small textile factory.

The main building was originally intended to be a residential dwelling  with a commercial shop on the ground floor, benefitting from a street facing location with an independent entrance, as defined in the Caderneta as “Division of Independent Use, with allocation to Trade".



The original structure is in a reasonable state of conservation BUT some areas of the main building require more extensive renovation.

from the exterior walls in stone masonry,  original partition walls, to original interior elements such as stucco ceilings, carpentry and the central staircase, the building has a lot of features worth saving. rich in decorative elements such as arches and elegant pillars, together with the showstopper original dome, typical of this era, present an ambitious yet achievable conservation project to preserve as many original features as possible and restore its grandeur of earlier years.  

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